This began as a simple exercise for both me and my son. For him, learn 4th edition, get an introduction to Role Playing, and find out how some of the roles and styles of play fit him. For me, it was also a way to get familiar with the DM side of 4th ed, as I had played a few times as a player, but not from behind the screen. I had been a DM/GM many, many times before, but that was long ago, and I needed to bust the rust off before going at it as a full time operator of a campaign.

Lately, I have been the DM for a local Encounters group (two seasons now) and my players have expressed a desire to continue on past 3rd level. Well, this campaign just happened to have rolled over to 4th level and I think I am ready to open this baby up and see what she can do.

I will probably close this campaign and begin a new Wiki page for the group of incoming players, though it will be a continuation of this setting.

After that, take a look at your wiki. There is some more helpful info there.

HomeSchool. Teaching my son the in's and out's of D&D 4th Ed.