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Dragon's Den

Lord Icewing is... dead?

“Who dares trespass in the domain of our Lord Icewing!”
So begins the first foray into the caverns below the Keep. The kobolds invoke the name of their Lord Dragon, Icewing and douse the lights of the cave, plunging the party into darkness, with bolts of acid and sling stones flying out of the hidden shadows of the cavern. The heroes regroup, striking up their own lights and hunting down the hidden attackers and slay them each in turn. The last of the first line of defenders flee through a large metal door, locking it behind them with arcane magic.

The party struggles to access the next area of the cavern, the great iron doors turning back all of their attempts to open them. They eventually discover the doors true nature ad after dispelling the illusion, smash through the simple wooden barrier that truly stood in their way.

With the extra time it had taken to figure out the secrets of the door’s illusion, the kobolds had set up a firing line and small walled blockades. This allowed the slings and mages to attack from cover, with a pair of piked defenders keep the heroes from rushing the berms. Time patience and no small amount of luck enabled the Heroes to dispatch the protected ranks of the ranged attackers and make their way down into the Dragon’s Den itself.

As the party descend down the final stone passageway, the air turned acrid, an acidic burning in their throats becoming more noticeable. Rounding the last bend, they are greeted by Icewings most loyal guards and an oddity. There in the center of the room was an area of impenetrable darkness. Icewing himself held back for a round or two, allowing his minions to soften up the invaders. When the heroes get close enough to engage the defenders in melee, they find out that several of them are undead. Creatures that used to be kobolds, some recently dead, some much older. The living kobolds seem reluctant to fight along side them, and must be ordered repeatedly by Icewing to press forward.

As the party edges forward, foot by foot, seeing victory draw nearer, Icewing begins his own assault. After a couple of direct attacks from Icewing, PsyTrev suddenly realizes that something is very wrong. Another illusion is in place, over the form of Icewing himself!

With input from PsyTrev, Valenae dispells the illusion around Icewing revealing the horror underneath. Icewing is shown to have been dead for several weeks, and raised up as a Zombie of his former self! The remaining kobolds turn towards the patch of midnight and advance, shouting threats of revenge at the presence within. the darkness finally falls and a Dragonborn Necromancer steps forth, the source of the Zombies up above and cause of Icewing’s demise. With his deeds revealed and a combined force of Kobolds and Heroes closing in on him, he beats a hasty retreat, the remains of the kobold clan following close behind.



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