HomeSchool. Teaching my son the in's and out's of D&D 4th Ed.

GTKY- PsyTrev

Meeting the Characters, one by one.

While passing through Greenmire on a personal mission, Psytrev was enlisted by a local man to help him find his daughter, who up until just a few minutes before was playing in the alley near his store, but had suddenly disappeared. Using his Ranger tracking skills, though difficult in the urban setting, he was able to follow an unusual trail from her last play area to a sewer grate about a block away. Greenmire was built right at the edge of a swampy area, and as such was raised up slightly with open areas underneath to prevent the town from flooding badly when the swamp expands in rainy times. PsyTrev returned to the father, Hamer, and informed him of what he had found. PsyTrev volunteered to return to the grate to watch for activity while Hamer went to inform the town guard. As PsyTrev returned to the alley, from the opposite end of the block, he heard the ever popular “Stop, thief!” and saw a Kobold run around the corner, dragging a fine, and obviously over sized for a kobold, cloak, who was quickly being followed by an Eladrin, the source of the shouting.



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