HomeSchool. Teaching my son the in's and out's of D&D 4th Ed.

GTKY- Valenae

Meeting the Characters, one by one.

Valenae was searching for his mentor, who was attempting to research Dragon magic and had heard of a sealed Portal of Draconic origin, but as of yet, had been unable to locate it. His last communication had been from the GreenMire region, and he had been seeking out a local tribe of Kobolds who, rumor had it, had some knowledge of the location of the portal, having been closely tied to one of the Dragons that had created it, long ago. (Most likely as labor for the construction) While meditating in his room at the GreenMire “Restful Slumber” Inn, he glimpsed a clawed hand reaching through his open window and snatching away his cloak, a gift from his mentor. he immediately sprang into action, leaping out of the window and following the thief in a foot pursuit. After following the thief, now identified as a kobold, for a couple of blocks, he rounded a corner and watched helplessly as the kobold slid down into a grate in the alley, propped open from below by another pair of clawed hands. Valenae finally noticed the Elf at the other end of the alley, as they both rushed towards each other, only to be greeted by a closed and silent sewer grate.



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