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GTKY- The Local Duo

Meeting the Characters, two by two?

PsyTrev could faintly hear a small child’s voice from down in the sewers, along with some occasional other voices that neither of the two could understand. With Val’s assurance of assistance, they rushed back around the block to Hamer’s shop, and informed him of the new developments, and to let him know that they plan on entering immediately, to save his daughter.

As they left the shop, fully prepared to enter into the unknow of the sewers, they were joined by a pair of the GreenMire guards, Kat and Garrack, who had been sent to assist Hamer in finding his daughter. Once they were filled in on the Kobold problem, they took the lead, having only
a small amount of knowledge of the sewers, which, nonetheless, was more than either of their Fey companions did.

Before Going below they a grabbed a passerby and asked them to go to the GreenMire guard post a few blocks away and inform them that some Kobolds had decided to move in to the sewers, and to see if they get some help to find out how they had gotten in, and what they should do about it.



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