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In the Temple, defiling.

Dragon Gate energy, good for what ails you.

The doors to the temple looked to have been both physically and arcanely sealed long ago, but both wards had been broken open, though from the bodies laying around, the cost to force their way in was high. The doors now stood open, with obvious signs of activity from within.

upon entering the temple, they were greeted, rather warmly at first, by the DBN, and given the opportunity to leave him be, go about their business, and remain among the living. They refused and began the job of removing him and his minions from the temple. Forcefully.

As the battle wore on, the DBN began to tap in to the gate temple’s (and it’s wards as well) energy to revive his minions and give them boosts in speed, durability and strength. Repeated drains and boosts made the minions a definite threat, but the effect on the Gate itself was much more perilous. The Gate began to rumble, shaking the whole temple. As the heroes pressed in, destroying even the most powerful of the DBN’s hoards, the DBN became desperate.

He finally drew on the Gate for a final attack, attempting to blast the chamber with a massive wave of power, but as he drew on the Gate, the wards finally collapsed, and the Gateway reformed, allowing the form of a large black Dragon, strongly resembling a much more mature Icewing, to claw it’s way out. Once fully emerged, it turned and smashed the dormant gate to rubble.

The Dragon turned to face the room, and upon spying the heroes, demanded to know who was responsible for Lord Dragon Septus’orba Malanegra’s release. He was sentenced to a thousand years of solitude, but it had been much less. The Dragonborn Necromancer immediately stepped forward, proclaiming Harkima Vidaarus’ allegiance to the great and powerful Lord Dragon, and owned up to setting him free, making it sound as though it was entirely intentional, of course. Septus scooped up his new “loyal” minion and launched through the roof of the temple, collapsing the ruins down on the hero’s heads.



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