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Lost paths, and "found" old friends.

He's Dead Jim.

Upon waking, the group is dismayed to find that the Diving Rod has lost most of it’s power, and is draining fast. Arcane study of the area reveals that this region (though how large of an area is affected is still unknown) is slowly being drained of magic and life energy, causing the stunted growth and loss of power for the rod.

Without the direct guidance of the rod, the heroes had to revert to their own talents to continue the hunt. They managed to use a combination of Tracking, Arcane wight, Brute Force and keen observation to re-acquire a path of sorts, though it is obviously lightly used, and only recently at that. Within minutes of hitting an actual path, they come upon a clearing.

This proves that they have found the right path, as the sickly an stunted plant life opens up to reveal piles of rubble, and ancient stone altar, and an Eladrin. The last is recognized by Valenae as one of his mentors academic explorers, and an old friend. Kaerin, sadly, is most definitely not physically well. And though he seems to be able to speak with the party, he is slowly rotting right before the party’s eyes. He manages to relate a tale of an attack from a combined force of Kobolds (as some of the Clan is probably not yet aware of the DBN’s betrayal)and undead. Resulting in the loss of the entire exploring group. Kaerin was only sent to this place to slow down the party. As his final moments of clarity melt away, his transformation to a Corruption Corpse completes, and the party is attacked by a small horde of undead, blocking the path onward.

Through the course of the fight, the surrounding undead were crushed, but Valenae insisted on trying to save his friend, finally managing to break the necromantic bonds that held Kaerin to his half-life state. As he sank into peaceful rest, he gave the heroes some final directions to help them find the Dragon’s Gate temple.

The party decided that with the connection to Kaerin severed, the DBN would already be aware of their impending attack, so they took a moment to rest up and give Kaerin a proper burial.

Kaerin’s directions were sound, and the heroes carefully made their way towards the temple. A combined force of undead and constructs were guarding the temple, and though the fight was brutal, they heroes managed to use the surrounding terrain to slow the uncoordinated zombies down enough to pick them off after dealing with the faster Skeletons and constructs. After a thorough mess was made of the temple grounds, the heroes were able to corner the DBN in the temple.



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