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The Party Gets Dirty

Below GreenMire, a town built on a swamp.

The four soon-to-be heros dropped down into the sewers and quickly dispensed with any senblance of stealth (or, at least, Garrack did) and stepped out into a catch basin to be set upon by a small band of kobolds which had been waiting for the two fey. With four of them to handle, they were quickly defeated. From the looks of the loot they had managed to aquire, they had been looting anything not niualed down for a few days, and seemed to be going for bigger and bigger items as time went on, culminating in the kidnapping of the little girl, either to eat, for sacrifice to their Dragon God, or, if any of them were so bold, for ransom, but the last was unlikely.

Though the battle was quick, it was obvious that the group was new-formed and unused to working together, and tactical mistakes were made, with little effect on the outcome. They collected the stolen loot and retrieved the little girl, escorting her to the alley she had been taken from, with instructions to return home and tell her father to let the Guard know that they were going to continue on to see if they could find out how the Kobolds got in, in the first place.

PsyTrev scouted ahead, solo, to prevent a repeat ambush, following the trails left by the kobolds, and ended up at an exterior drain near the south of GreenMire. The little group they had fought inside was not even one tenth of the actual raiding group that was assembled outside of the town. The kobolds in town had probably been supposed to scout around and decide where to strike, and had gotten greedy, then sloppy, then caught.



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