HomeSchool. Teaching my son the in's and out's of D&D 4th Ed.

To the Keep!

Dealing with the squaters.

The Keep known as the Eye was a few days travel to the north, but the trip was relatively uneventful. Gaining entrance to the keep was anything but, however. Sadly during the first attempt to storm the keep, one of the sentries escaped and alerted the Kobolds within to the heroes arrival, making the first floor a series of hall fights and skirmishes, slowly gaining and losing ground for both sides, with the heroes resting when able, and the kobolds sending what reinforcements they had form below the keep.

Once they finally cleared the path down to the second floor of the keep, dodging and failing to dodge a few traps along the way, they were able to cut off the kobolds from the upper floor, and stop the threat of an attack form behind as they descended.

The second floor had been used as an emergency shelter, taken over from a small, abandoned mine that had been dug into the hill in the past. The heroes cleared out all traces of the Kobolds and dealt with a few life sucking Frost zombies as well. The rear chamber where all the left-over mining equipment was still being stored had enough debris and was far enough away from the keep above that it was easy for the Kobolds to dig their way in and storm the keep.

The heroes laid waste to the aggressors, now defenders, and pushed the Kobold forces back down into the tunnels that had been their way in. The party rested, healed, and steeled themselves for the coming cavern crawl.



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