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To the Gate!

Over the hills and through the Feywild.

With a kobold slinger (his name was to draconic for the party to speak it correctly) in tow to return news of the DBN’s location or his demise to the Clan, the heroes set out to find the BDN, the Gate, and any remaining undead he had managed to create along the way.

As they follow the diving rod (more than a week passed from the initial defeat of the DBN in the Dragon’s Den to the party setting out fully prepared for a longer journey) Valenae realizes that they are nearing the point that he moved from the Feywild in to the Natural plane a couple weeks earlier. As the scenery changes and the heroes see evidence of the transition to the Fey realm, they become more and more worried. The lands here should be lush and green and full of life, albeit strange and magical life. Yet they see much in the way of evidence that there has been a sickness, a stunting, a change that could not have been anything other than magical. The lands are too quiet, and farther they travel, the more stunted, warped, and poisoned the lands look. Even the wildlife seems weaker and starving.

Finally, at a fork in the path they have been following, some of the Fauna shows enough backbone, or hunger, to strike out at the party directly. A large growth of roots and vines reaches out and begins hauling in members of the group, dragging them towards a central mass of snapping, razor tipped vines. A couple of the plants previous victims shamble about, zombies who are almost skeletons, as well as a few death motes that have been feeding off the deaths of the Plants previous meals. After killing off the Tainted mass, they dump it over a small cliff in case it can regenerate (after torching a fair bit of it with fire) just to get it away from the road in case it can regenerate. The party continues to follow the rod, and soon enough are directed to leave the path and head across open wilderness. They decide to take a nights rest before heading into the unknown, but they hope that this road was not too far from the Gate when it was built.



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