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This paladin fights fair!

Daunted by the size of the raiding party, the heroes returned to town with a dire warning. They arrive at the GreenMire main guard post just as a small Company of Royal troops do. They had been trailing the Raiding band by only a day when they had lost them at the edge of the swamps south of town. They had skirted the swamps, costing them valuable days of travel. The paladin leading the Company, Markesh, was thrilled that they had made good enough time to reach town before the Raiding band had struck. In reality he got lucky because the scouts in the sewers had taken longer to case the town than they should have.

Markesh sent out the bulk of the Company to attack from outside the town, hopefully drawing off the majority of the Kobold forces, while Markesh and the heroes passed through the sewers and attacked from the rear, taking down the main camp, and again, hopefully, the leader of the Raiding band. The diversionary force was successful, and upon rushing the camp, Markesh pinned down the leader in solo combat, after issuing a challenge, letting the heroes take out his guards and remaining forces.

The immediate danger to the town dealt with, markesh returned to his troops, took stock of the situation, healed and helped with the wounded, and debriefed the officers, hoping for any clues as to where the Raiding band had originally come from. Confirmed by a few soldiers, and scouting reports from the north, the Kobolds had seized a small human outpost called The Eyes, mostly just a keep on the side of a large hill, meant as a way point for troops and supplies from the north, and an early warning station for things like the Raiding band.

Markesh was unwilling to leave the town unguarded in case the Kobolds had sent out other Raiding groups, so he asked the Heroes to see if they could retake the Keep. Meanwhile his company would patrol the area and keep the town protected.



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