Hakima Vidaarus

Dragonborn Necromancer. Blue and black patterns, tall, but thin. Cold blue eyes, and a raspy voice.


The party has yet to directly engage Hakima, so his stats and abilities are a mystery as of yet.


Hakima is a Necromancer, and dabbles in magic item creation. He has specialized in the removal and relocation of life forces, and has recently found a way to infuse items with mystic energy ripped from living beings in order to enchant items cheaply, and en masse. Hakima even went so far as to slowly drain away a dragon’s life force, usurp his control over a Clan of kobolds, and bring the dragon back as an undead zombie, all without the kobolds realizing it. A group of heroes revealed his ploy and caused the clan to turn against him. He has since been “adopted” as an underling to a larger, older, stronger dragon, and is enjoying the new power that has come with his position.

Hakima Vidaarus

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